I was born in Sparta,Greece in 1954 and immigrated with my parents to Montreal, Quebec when I was 3 years old. During my last year of high school I took art lessons from an excellent teacher. I loved going to class and still feel nostalgic when remebering the warm sun coming through the windows and the smell of paint and turpentine. I was fascinated by his use of color, materials, style and inspired to be an artist myself. However, life took me in a different direction... I graduated from Vanier College in Montreal, Canada with a degree in social studies and then got married. I pursued a real estate career in order to help put my husband through medical school. We went on to have three children and at age 24 we moved to the US. I spent the next 30 years raising my family and supporting the arts through sponsorship, fundraising and donating. 

In 1997, I became President of the Parsons -Bruce Art Association in South Boston, Virginia, an affiliate of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I was instrumental in the transformation of an old tobacco factory into a Cultural Arts Center, known as "The Prizery". I organized an art exhibition with 18 artists that was used to secure a grant for 4 million dollars for its renovation. "The Prizery", which includes an art gallery, theatre and information center, still exists to this day as a cultural and regional landmark.

After my divorce in 2010, I traveled extensively, exploring different cultures, archeological sites, museums and galleries. I was drawn to the abstract expressionistic period, influenced by the likes of Pollock , De Kooning and Lee Krasner especially. During one of my many trips to Greece, I  became fascinated by the olive trees and began taking photographs. To my surprise, I saw images in the bark of the trees that spoke to me and started a photo collection.

Upon my return from one of my trips in 2015, I struggled to find my purpose in life. I turned to prayer for guidance. Then one day I went to clean up my my sister's art room,  picked up her palette knife and a large canvas and miraculously started creating. Ever since that day, I  continue to produce vigorously.  When analyzing the amorphic shapes in both the trees and in my works, I see the connection to my inner self. With my sister Vasilliki's (who has a masters degree in art education) guidance, I am creating my imaginary phatasam worlds of the undefined.

I have an art studio in Belleville, Illinois where I reside and am owner of "Angakis Gallery", the first fine art gallery in Sparta, Greece.